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We are always looking for parents who are committed to making the White Oak PTA an active organization that supports and enhances the learning of our students. Board positions are listed below; everyone is welcome and encouraged to run for a position. If you are interested in serving on the Executive Board, elections are held every Spring at our May meeting. Election information is sent out ahead of time and a Nominating Committee conducts interviews to select a slate of candidates.

We are also looking for volunteers to act as event and standing committee chairpeople. Please email the Executive Board at to learn more.



(1) President or (2) Co-Presidents                              

  • Leads and oversees the PTA Board & membership               

  • Expedites meetings                                                

  • Attends council meeting, district meetings, workshops & PTA Conventions

  • Demonstrates ability to work well with others    

(2) Co-Vice Presidents                             

  • Acts as an assistant to the president                             

  • Oversees and supports the work of the PTA Committees    

  • Demonstrates ability to work well with others  

(1) Treasurer                                 

  • Writing checks / balancing checkbook  

  • Making bank deposits, twice a week on average          

  • Preparing the budget with input from the board

  • Ensure that spending stays within budget limits

  • Preparing the books for audit

(1) Secretary                                 

  • Records business transacted at meetings and keeps minutes         

  • Maintains membership list                                         

  • Sends correspondence for PTA                                      

  • Demonstrates ability to work well with others                    

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