A Fun Hoot Scoot Grade Competition

Dates: 9/13 - 9/17

Kids bring in pennies and drop them in their designated Grade Level/Support Area jugs located near the Media Center. Pennies equal 1 point, so the entire Grade Level/Support Staff with the most points at the end of the day on Friday, September 17th will get a Mystery Prize. All kids will receive it on Friday, September 17th.

But that's not all...

They can sabotage other classes! Bring in silver coins (dimes, nickels and quarters) or bills ($1, $5, $10 and $20) and drop them in other Grade Level/Support Staff jugs for them to lose points!

Penny = 1 Point

Nickels = -5 Points

Dimes = -10 Points

Quarters = -25 Points

$1.00 Bill = -100 Points

$5.00 Bill = -500 Points

$10.00 Bill = -1,000 Points

$20.00 Bill = -2,000 Points

Note: Due to the nature of this activity, change collected during Penny Wars week cannot count toward individual student Hoot Scoot pledges.